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The A-List Society

From: $30.00 / month


When you’re an A-Lister, you receive monthly education that will help you understand WHY clients book one photographer over the other, and how to increase your chances of booking when a potential client inquires with you. We are constantly analyzing the consumerism psychology behind drawing your potential clients in, hooking them with client education paired with visual assets, and so much more!

Social media is the NUMBER ONE way to reach potential clients – especially seniors! Amanda teaches A-Listers how to create scroll stopping content that will increase engagement and get the attention of their target market! She goes over everything from engagement analytics, content creation and even provides a monthly content calendar every month!

A-Listers not only dive deep into collection pricing, a la carte pricing, and sales, Amanda also guides them into the larger financial topics at hand like taxes, retirement, and emergency accounts for their businesses. Learn how to motivate your clients to spend more by leveraging human psychology as well as make more money per hour and make it work for you and your family.

A-Listers get to watch Amanda shoot real seniors on real senior sessions while listening in to how Amanda instructs & poses each client based on the look she wants to accomplish. She doesn’t stop there… A-Listers receive posing flow analysis pictorials, lighting tutorials, editing tutorials, and everything in between!

Amanda teaches A-Listers how to educate each and every client in ways that are efficient, effective, and generate more income! Learn how she uses visual assets and an educational system to prepare her clients for every step of the client experience.

Amanda doesn’t mince her education because she actually wants her A-Listers to succeed not only in their businesses, but in their personal lives as well. Amanda doesn’t fill the A-List community with talks about “passion” and “believing in yourself.” Nope. She teaches what will actually move your business into a well oiled machine that is profitable. She provides actionable education every single week that has already produced real results for A-Listers… just check out the testimonials portion below!

It’s time to go behind the curtain with Amanda Holloway and get inside her business brain while watching her work from month to month! Follow Amanda Holloway in her every day business methods as she teaches her day to day strategies and practices that have created an incredibly successful senior photography business. Learn the ins and outs of her mind behind her monthly marketing techniques, sales system, posing flow with REAL clients, shooting approach, communication plan and so much more as she shares monthly tips and tricks to get ahead of the game in your business.

Every month Amanda will be educating the group with actionable education, live senior session videos, live q&a videos, visual education, challenges, downloadables, and so much more. Members will be the ONLY people to have weekly EXCLUSIVE access to Amanda Holloway and the education provided.

In addition to the incredible education, each member will receive a $15 monthly credit to spend each month as well as the ability to purchase portfolio, website, and social media critiques with Amanda (exclusive for members only)!

Sample posts you’ll find in the community:
– actual problematic e-mails from past clients and how Amanda handled them
– live image box design from a senior session
– live posing from actual senior sessions
– full galleries of Amanda’s sessions
– how to set up your ordering sessions to sell canvas collections
– Amanda’s ordering session timeline
– side by side images showcasing before & after posing correction
– how to save an ordering session that’s going downhill quickly
– using sales verbiage to increase your income
– fluid posing sets: an entire session look
– how to show the value of what we sell
– how to post about your availability to create a sense of urgency
– how to get testimonials
– editing transformation videos
– editorial cropping
– cutting through backlit images while maintaining haze
– the importance of a minimum order requirement and how to implement

“Amanda! I had my first boudoir in person sales meeting today. I usually give the session and all the digitals for $400 because I could never get people to buy stuff. I used your education to make my new pricing and I will be damned if she didn’t buy THE TOP COLLECTION! I think I want to marry you!” -Robin (A-Lister)

“SHUT THE FREAKIN FRONT DOOR Amanda Holloway! I had my first IPS tonight after I restructured my collections with this way of thinking and BAMMMMMM! Top collection sold! No brainer!!! P.S. They walked in saying they were on a budget and not doing more than my MOR of $750, left spending $3500. I’M DEAD.” -Sandi (A-Lister)

“I so appreciate all of the hard work you’ve so clearly put into this group. All the ideas yo’ve given have been GOLD and have also inspired me to take them even further… I have so many ideas right now!” -Carrie (A-Lister)

“Seriously this is the best money I’ve ever spent on photography education! I’m not a beginner so all the helpful tweaks that take things to the next level are AMAZING! Thank you SO MUCH. I’m obsessed with the videos of you shooting.” -Kirsi (A-Lister)

“OMG! The A-List is the best. I was so apprehensive about buying. I tend to purchase things that appear great only to find out they are crap and not worth my time and money and just aren’t what they appear to be in the advertisement. The A-List is the total opposite. I am so glad I gave it a try despite my hesitations. You are truly knowledgeable and are very open and honest in this group. The response time to questions asked within the group is phenomenal. the amount of information already in the group is overwhelming.” -Rachael (A-Lister)

“I hope no one is skipping over this! I’ve been in this group for a month and it is definitely a game changer for my business! Posing, editing, mentoring, business advice. You cover it all! The fact that it is only $30 a month for all the content is incredible! It’s worth so much more. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You are a Godsend, Amanda!” -A-Lister

“I knew it was going to be good, but it has totally exceeded my expectations… Such a good value – worth every penny!” -A-Lister

MONTHLY CONTENT PACKED Subscription Education

+ Marketing
+ Branding
+ Pricing & Sales
+ Client Communication
+ Shooting
+ Posing
+ Editing
+ Business

+ Pre-Recorded Videos
+ Live Educational Videos
+ Live Videos from Senior Sessions
+ Visual Educational Posts
+ LIVE Q&A video
+ Text Posts
+ Challenges
+ Downloadable Handouts

$15 MONTHLY CREDIT to the AHP Photographer’s Shop to spend EACH MONTH

Q. How long will I have access to the educational material?
A. As long as you are a subscribing A-Lister and in the community, you will have access to the material! Once you cancel your membership, you’ll be removed from the group and will no longer have access.

Q. Can I cancel my monthly membership at anytime?
A. YES! You have full control over your monthly subscription and can stop your membership at any time. If you’d like to cancel, you’ll just need to sign into your account here in the AHP photog shop, and stop your membership. That’s it! Easy peasy!

Q. When will I be added to the membership community?

A. Members who purchase a monthly or annual subscription will be added within 48 business hours of requesting to join the community.

Q. How do I get added to the community?

A. When you purchase your subscription, a DOWNLOAD will appear in your AHP Photographer’s Shop account (one will also be e-mailed to you). Please download the file and open on your computer. You will find a LINK and instructions to follow in the file.

Q. Can I be an A-Lister Society member if I’m currently teaching in the industry?

A. NO. Due to an educational conflict of interest, educators of any kind (digital, online, in-person, etc) will not be allowed membership. Should you enter the membership as a non-educator, and then become an educator while maintaining membership standing, you will be removed from the membership community without refund immediately.


Information & education included in the membership is allowed for photography business ONLY as an educational guide to your potential clients in the flat and digital or printed form. Purchased use is intended for PERSONAL use to your clients only. You are prohibited from selling/sharing this product or any part of its structure including text, copy, design elements, the design itself, example images, videos, or any other intellectual property as a whole or part. This includes making profit from or sharing the previously stated items in digital or printed form. You are also prohibited from sharing this product with any other third party. COMMERCIAL LICENSE NOT INCLUDED.LEGAL ACTION WILL BE TAKEN IF THIS PRODUCT (PART OR WHOLE) IS SHARED OR SOLD TO ANY OTHER PERSON OTHER THAN THE SOLE PURCHASER.

You may NOT purchase this guide if you live within 100 miles of The Woodlands, TX.

terms of use

All sales are final. Due to the digital nature of our products, no refunds will be given. Please be sure to review all product details before completing your order. Sharing, transferring, or selling this product in whole or in part is strictly prohibited. For more details, please review our Terms of Use