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Instagram Reels for Photographers

IG Reels that Don’t require your face


Our IG REELS FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS is the ultimate resource for photogs who don’t have the time or don’t want to be on the other side of the camera all the time to produce a steady flow of reels for their IG audience. An introvert’s dream, this collection shows how you can turn every aspect of your photography business into a successful reel presence on Instagram without having to point, lip-sync, and dance your way through it all.

This collection includes 13 step-by-step reels tutorials by the very person that produces all of Amanda’s reels for her photography business, Tawny Smith. Learn all about the backend dashboard, how to create your own reels, set your images to music, create interesting transitions, find engaging audio, how to elevate your reels for more followers, and so much more. Tawny details every step of 10 gorgeous reels using Amanda’s portfolio images, bts video, and products so that you can create the same to market your business.

We didn’t want to just create a few tutorials for you and let you figure out the rest… we wanted to take the guesswork out of reels for you. That’s why we have included an entire Ideas Guide with over 52 reels ideas that don’t include your face! That’s more than 1 reel a week that you can start creating and get results TODAY! It’s time to let your stunning work be front and center with beautiful reels that will get you more followers that lead to more inquiries and more bookings!

This collection is for you if:
+ you hate being on the other side of the camera
+ you don’t want to dance, lip-sync, or point in your reels
+ you want your beautiful work to be the focus
+ you know you need to do reels, but just aren’t sure how
+ you want more followers & a bigger reach
+ you want to book more clients

+ Working with the Reels Dashboard
+ How to Find Trending Reels Audio
+ How to Create an IG Reel Cover
+ 10 Step by Step Tutorials for Different Reels Videos
– black & whites to color transitions
– speed edits to final images
– portfolio showcase
– 10 things to bring to your session
– client testimonials
– best colors to wear for your skin tone
– 3 ways to connect with your brand
– session bts video to final images showcase
– sooc images to fully editeds image
– designing of a product to actual product

52 Reels Ideas that Don’t Include your Face
Pre-Publish Checklist
Reels Ideas for:
+ your portfolio (11)
+ your products (7)
+ marketing (10)
+ session fashion (10)
+ posing tips (5)
+ client experience (5)
+ session prep (6)

This product is Copyrighted by Tawny Smith / Amanda Holloway and may not be sold, redistributed or given away. Please be sure to keep a backup copy of your files. We are sure, as an artist, you understand the great time, effort, and dedication it takes to produce a great work. Please respect our hard work and intellectual property.

Due to the nature of this product, refunds are not available.

You may NOT purchase this guide if you live within 150 miles of The Woodlands, TX.

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