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Senior Photography Legal Contract


Product Description

If you are photographing seniors for free or for income, you NEED to be legal. It not only protects your clients, but it protects YOU as well. Did you know that most photographers only establish contracts AFTER they’ve had a legal crisis? Yikes. Let’s talk about what legal issues you could avoid by just having the right contracts and releases in place:

• What if your senior client accidentally breaks their ankle on their session with you?
• What if your parent client decides that they suddenly don’t want to pay your prices… AFTER you’ve already completed the session?
• When you’ve just completed a beautiful session, but your client now doesn’t want you to post any of her images.
• When your client has printed her photos from a kiosk without your permission.
• When your client doesn’t pay on their payment plan.
• When your client doesn’t like their images and no longer wants to pay.
• When your client says they can’t pay you… for a few months.
• When your client disappears when payment is due.
• When your client scans the images in their album to use as prints or posts them on social media.
• When your client wants to dictate how the session will go.

All of these issues are REAL reasons why so many photographers have finally decided to invest in the legality of their business by purchasing contracts written by an actual attorney that works with photographers every day. Rachel Brenke of The LawTog is an active practicing lawyer for photographers who intimately understands laws that impact people just like you.

What you need to know about these contracts:
• Lawyer-drafted. Photographer approved.
• No recurring fees – just one time payment
• Open in a doc editing program (such as word or notepad)
• Copy & paste into any online system or print for paper use
• Fully customizable template to suit your business needs
• Peace of mind as you protect your business
• BONUS: Contract Header PSD Files

Looking for a SENIOR REP CONTRACT? Go here.

*Attorney hourly rate value: $1,787

This agreement includes provisions such as retainer, payment, cancellation, rescheduling, late arrivals, adult presence, client direction & responsibility, completion schedule, yearbook and other senior event deadlines, photographic materials defined, artistic rights, online gallery delivery, in-person consult info, copyright ownership by Photographer, adult participation in communications, social media, photography and videography, yearbook information, creative control, use of Independent Contractor, failure to perform, substitute photographer, incorporation of a standard price list, travel and overage fees, and other legal miscellany.

Allows client to easily and legally give permission for use of their images for marketing and portfolio purposes. A model release is a legal release typically signed by the subject of a photograph granting permission to publish the photograph in one form or another. It also releases any claims the client may have to future compensation for use of images.

This releases the photographer of liability for injury and death. The client agrees not to sue the photographer for any such claims that could arise out of injury while on the photoshoot. Also covers claims related to death, personal injury, disability, negligence, property damage or theft, medical care and/or treatment. This release can also cover photographer hosted events like parties, get-togethers, etc.

This template is perfect for a card or digital PDF for every client, no matter if they purchased digital files or printed products. This contracts pertains to the OWNERSHIP of the images.

*Attorney hourly rate value: $924

Use payment plans as an “ace in the sleeve” way to make larger sales with your clients. By having a payment plan contract, authorization to charge, and guidance – you’ll be set to start taking larger amounts of money while servicing your clients.


The print release form allows for limited licensing of the photography products with specific restrictions as well as prohibitions including altering the images, copying and distributing to others, etc, while reminding the client that the images remain the property of the photographers’.


This form ensures that the client signs ON the order form as well as reminds them that the order is final and refers to the original contract in place between the photographer and the client.


This form ensures that the client documents their receipt of their order as well as agreeing that the order is as was stated on their order form.

These are The LawTog’s contracts. You can read about their TERMS here.

Here is a cliff notes for you:

+ No refunds/exchanges on digital products
+ There is an expiration date on email links – but you can log into www.thelawtog.com/my-account/ to get your products
+ Don’t be a jerk – protect the intellectual property you just paid money for and don’t share!

All templates are Copyrighted by The LAWTOG / Rachel Brenke and may not be sold, redistributed or given away. Please be sure to keep a backup copy of your files. We are sure, as an artist, you understand the great time, effort, and dedication it takes to produce a great work. Please respect our hard work and intellectual property.

Due to the nature of this product, refunds are not available.

File Information

All contracts come as Microsoft Word document files.

+ Typically opened in Microsoft Word BUT they can be opened a variety of ways without Microsoft Word, such as through Note Pad, Text Edit, Google Docs. Keep in mind – opening in these systems may not show the color coding – just be mindful of notes that we have placed in the contract to help you fill it out.

+ Tutorial: If you do NOT have Word, press/hold control + click on the file. A pop up will come up. Choose “Open with” and select the program you want to use.

+ Google Docs Tutorial: Select File Upload in Google docs. Choose your downloaded Word doc. Open it in Google Drive (if you want to edit).

+ Please note: An alternate version of the contract will not be sent. Compatibility and accessibility is responsibility of the user.

Need help with your files? Check out the LawTog’s HOW TO GUIDE here.

Rachel Brenke (The LawTog) is a lawyer, but she’s not your lawyer!

The Brenke Group, LLC, doing business as TheLawTog® (“TheLawTog”) provides an online legal portal to help customers identify business and legal problems commonly encountered by individuals in the photography industry. TheLawTog is not a law firm and does not and will not perform services performed by an attorney. TheLawTog is NOT a substitute for the advice of an attorney. Instead, TheLawTog provides templates to individuals who chose to prepare their own legal and/or business documents or submit templates to licensed attorneys for modification. Communications between you and TheLawTog are protected by our Privacy Policy, but are not protected by any legal privilege, including the attorney-client privilege or work product doctrine. TheLawTog cannot provide legal advice nor draft specific legal forms for a specific entity, individual or situation. The legal forms and templates contained herein are for general use only. TheLawTog cannot provide any kind of advice, explanation, opinion, or recommendation to you about possible legal rights, remedies, defenses, options, selection of forms or strategies.

While TheLawTog strives to keep its legal contract templates current, accurate and up-to-date, TheLawTog cannot guarantee that all the information available at thelawtog.com (including related domains and subdomains) (the “Sites’), or information provided in templates and products obtained from TheLawTog, is current at all times or in all areas. TheLawTog provides general documents we hope will be helpful to those of you who have chosen to complete your own legal documents. While TheLawTog makes an effort to keep our legal documents current and updated, because the law is constantly changing and varies among jurisdictions, TheLawTog can in no way guarantee the effectiveness of its services, products or any materials in any particular jurisdiction. Therefore, in all cases, especially those that are very particular or complex in nature, TheLawTog encourages you to seek the advice of a licensed attorney for your jurisdiction.

Nothing contained in the Sites or available through the products, materials and services of TheLawTog is intended to form an attorney-client relationship. Your interaction with TheLawTog in any capacity does not form such a relationship. TheLawTog’s performance of services related to those offered through the Sites, information provided on the Sites, and products sold through the Sites likewise does not create an attorney-client relationship in any particular circumstance.

In addition, from time to time, TheLawTog may introduce you to licensed attorneys through various referral methods. However, at no time is an attorney-client relationship fostered or created with TheLawTog due to these complimentary services, for which TheLawTog does not take any fee or engage in any profit-sharing. Whether or not you choose to pursue such referral or related legal services is entirely your decision and is provided by TheLawTog only as a courtesy.

Finally, The Law Tog does not intend to create any attorney-client relationship and your use of TheLawTog’s Sites, templates and other services, products and resources does not create an attorney-client relationship.

If you have any questions about the nature of TheLawTog’s services or any of our terms or policies, please direct all questions to:
The Brenke Group, LLC.

terms of use

All sales are final. Due to the digital nature of our products, no refunds will be given. Please be sure to review all product details before completing your order. Sharing, transferring, or selling this product in whole or in part is strictly prohibited. For more details, please review our Terms of Use

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