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Purpose Posing Guide


The PURPOSE Posing Guide 2.0 has surpassed its legendary predecessor and has moved into a completely new educational status. This posing guide not only features over 130 pages of detailed posing education, but it also goes above and beyond by providing alternative options to each and every pose. It features key elements and step-by-step instructional guides to each pose as well as several incorrect execution factors that can prohibit you from a successful pose.

This guide begins with the top 10 tips for purposeful posing, showcasing subtle details that will help you refine each pose. The second chapter then moves into explaining and showcasing several examples of the incredible flow posing method to help you in maximizing your transitional posing techniques. It then follows through with standing poses, action poses to create and capture editorial movement, sitting poses, squatting poses and laying poses with abundant detail and examples for each. Featuring over 175 images, the Purpose Posing Guide 2.0 is setting the new standard in senior posing education.

• PURPOSE Posing Guide 2.0 (141 page PDF)
• Smart Phone Image Gallery for LIVE Session Posing of Feature Poses
• BONUS: Top 5 Tips for Best Friend Sessions (educational PDF guide)


All information, PDF guides, and video tutorials included in this purchase are allowed for photography business ONLY as an educational guide. Purchased use is intended for PERSONAL use only. You are prohibited from selling this product or any part of its structure including text, copy, design elements, the design itself, example images, videos, or any other intellectual property as a whole or part. This includes making profit from or sharing the previously stated items in digital or printed form. You are also prohibited from sharing this product with any other third party. COMMERCIAL LICENSE NOT INCLUDED. LEGAL ACTION WILL BE TAKEN IF THIS PRODUCT (PART OR WHOLE) IS SHARED OR SOLD TO ANY OTHER PERSON OTHER THAN THE SOLE PURCHASER.

You may NOT purchase this guide if you live within 150 miles of The Woodlands, TX


Obsessed with this posing guide!!! It’s like having a little Amanda Holloway tucked into your camera bag to guide you through your session! Amanda’s step by step instructions lead you through the mechanics of each pose and provide you with easy change ups so that you can quickly work through flow posing and capture a series of unique images from your session without overshooting. I love that the guide also points out incorrect variations of some popular poses and gives tips on how to adapt the poses for taller or shorter girls.She also gives you the “why” behind the “what” so that you not only understand how to direct your client through the pose but also the visual impact it has on the viewer of the image. And the frosting on this cupcake? Her example images of each pose INCLUDE HER CAMERA SETTINGS so you can see how she captured those gorgeous images. I wore out my original Purpose Posing Guide and I’m betting this one will quickly become my shoot Bible!” –Stephanie Newbold

“The Amanda Holloway Purpose Posing Guide 2.0 is a game changer when it comes to giving simplicity and ultimate impact to your posing! This guide is jam packed with every pose you could ever need for a session with a senior or teen girl, and some would even be amazing for brides or kids; it’s super versatile. If you’re tired of wasting time moving from pose to pose to pose, wondering if you’re even getting it right, then this is the diving board that will launch you into the posing pool with grace and ease. My favorite features are the correct and incorrect alternatives to the different poses that educate you on why a pose works or doesn’t work, and several different ways to get successful images from each pose. You need this guide TODAY!” –Devon Jones of Devon J Imagery

“I can’t even begin to say how impressed I was by Amanda Holloway’s original posing guide but this new version 2.0? It is going to be the new staple for my sessions. I have been photographing seniors and teens for 5 years and there is always something for us to learn no matter where we are in this business. Clearly after reading this guide that point has been driven home!

Amanda has once again raised the bar with educating the community. No stone was left unturned in walking you through this process in the 70+ pages. The guide is comprehensive and my favorite part is the correct alternatives and incorrect alternatives! I am visual so seeing what is actually wrong helps me not to make the same mistakes! And full disclosure…I am guilty of a couple!

And of course this is written in Amanda’s voice. Real.Authentic.Motivating. All the things people love about her. It makes it a easy read and you retain valuable information along the way.

Personally, the flow posing section stood out to me because I struggle with that! And it was laid out in this guide perfectly with examples and how to’s. I am sure I will up my posing utilizing this method.

Bottom line…go get it. You won’t be disappointed. And you will learn some things along the way and up your game with your clients.” –Vickie Black of Senior Style Guide

“I don’t even know where to start in my review of this amazing guide! I’ve purchased a few posing guides over the years (and even have Amanda’s first posing guide!), but this is above and beyond the best one I have ever gotten my hands on! There are so many fantastic things about this guide but I think what truly sets it apart from other guides is that she explains why she does certain things in each poses (what makes it flattering, pleasing to the eye, etc) and she also gives you easy variations to switch up the poses if a particular pose isn’t working for you or your senior! It is easy to just put a picture in a guide and say ‘do this’, but Amanda goes beyond that and tells you why certain angles work or what types of things to look for and avoid when posing. It really makes everything ‘click’ when you see the visual alongside the explanations! Even beyond all the posing tips (and there are a LOT), this guide is just full of eye candy. Inspiration to the max!!

I’ve been wanting to add more ‘motion’ into my images and thankfully this guide has plenty of ways to do that!! I’ve always struggled with cues to give my seniors in order to get natural motion out of them so I’m excited to work these tips into my posing flow! There are some poses that I have always struggled with (i.e. arms stretched over the head), so seeing it all laid out in front of me with suggestions on how to tweak things to make it the most flattering will be incredibly helpful!”
-Lauren Harris

“The Purpose Posing Guide is an absolute session-saver! It is the definitive guide for flawless posing. I have owned Amanda’s posing guide for years, and it’s detailed posing rules, lists, and instructions helped me take my posing from frumpy to fab and allowed me to drastically stream-line the flow of my portrait sessions. What used to be awkward and forced is now smooth and natural. I love the latest version of the guide because not only does Amanda outline her most sellable poses, she also gives you attractive alternatives for changing things up and outlines some common mistakes to avoid. Whenever I’m feeling stuck or in a rut with my posing, the Purpose Posing Guide is still my go-to resource for inspiration! I cannot recommend it highly enough!” –Heather Owens

HOLY AMAZING POSING GUIDE!!! I am completely blown away by the Purpose Posing Guide 2.0, and it is my new favorite tool for my portrait sessions! This is more than just a guide – it is THE posing handbook that goes beyond simply offering you poses to copy. It teaches you the how and why of posing, which is far more valuable and useful during a photo session. The key to truly learning and retaining skills is understanding the “why” behind a technique, and Amanda goes in depth by not only teaching you how to set up poses, but also how to alter them through flow posing to achieve maximum images with minimal effort for you and your client. She provides a TON of examples alongside the explanations so you can see exactly what she’s talking about and why a pose does or doesn’t work. The “10 Tips for Purposeful Posing” lay the foundation for posing by reminding you to adjust the little things that can make a HUGE impact in an image. The result is a host of sellable, marketable images that are engaging and feel natural. I sometimes find myself getting stuck in a loop shooting the same poses time and time again, and Amanda’s Purpose Posing Guide 2.0 is exactly what I needed to regain confidence and inspiration to break out of my posing rut. This guide will completely up your posing game! –Jen Bertrand

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